Happening at St. Paul’s



November 11th through November 17th


Monday:      Veteren’s Day – Offices closed
10:00 am:  Bible Study at Crossroads

Tuesday:      7-9:00 pm: ECO Board Meeting

Wednesday:  6:30 pm: Ray of Hope Bible Study
8:00 pm:  AA

Thursday:    Pastor’s Kwame’s Birthday
6:00 pm: Alanon
7:00 pm: NAMI
7:30 pm: Choir Practice

Friday:         5:00 pm: Holiday Bazaar set up

Saturday:    9:00 am: Men’s Club
9 am- 2 pm: Holiday Bazaar
5:00 pm: Saturday Worship at Crossroads

Sunday:       9:00 am: Adult Forum at St. Paul’s
10:00 am: Holy Communion, Sunday School
1:00 pm: Ray of Hope
5:00 pm: Confirmation at Crossroads
7:00 pm: Alanon Meeting

Bell Choir News:
Bell Choir director Alexandra Gyder asks anyone interested in joining who couldn’t  attend the November 10 information meeting to email Barb Biegner (chicknbarb@nullverizon.net) so you will be notified of future plans.

Our system key fob system is still down and we cannot make any more keys.  If  you have a key right now, you will not have a problem.  They still work!  We just cannot produce any more if they are needed.  If you or someone in your family has a key fob and doesn’t need it or no longer uses it, please bring it to the office so that we can reuse them for people who do need them.  We appreciate any help you can give.

Just a Reminder!
The St. Paul’s Annual Holiday Bazaar
will be held on Saturday November 16th, 9am-2pm.
Come for crafts, gifts, baked goods and some breakfast.
All proceeds are given to The Daily Bread Food Truck.