Impact Service Opportunities

Impact the World


What do we mean by Impact?

Each week, we gather in worship to be filled with the grace, peace and love of God.  We enter worship to center ourselves on God, and leave feeling refreshed and filled.
Following the church service, we have opportunities for us to share that with the world!  As we leave worship feeling re-energized, we have the opportunity to share that energy of love and grace with the world around us, and truly make an Impact.

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How is St. Paul’s Impacting our Community?

If any of these opportunities pique your interest, contact our Community Impact Coordinator,

Elisabeth Preisinger, for details:



**Habitat for Humanity, Volunteering**

March 14, 9-3



**Lent: Adopt-a-Student**

As a congregation, our Lenten goal is to provide tuition

for student(s) at Grace School in Ile a Vache, Haiti


**Collecting Food for Backpacks**

We are always accepting donations for our backpack program,

which students in the area and their families

by providing food for the weekends


**Middle School Mentoring Program**

St. Paul’s and Crossroads Lutheran Church have partnered

to provide supportive mentoring relationships with

students at Amherst Middle School

every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30



If you were given a blank check of $250

to put toward the outreach ministry of your choice, what would it be?