We’re collecting food for the backpack program again.

A number of families in our Amherst schools depend on the free and reduced priced breakfast and lunch programs during the school week.  To provide food for the families on weekends, the Backpack program was instituted.  A backpack or sack of food is sent home with the child on Friday to provide meals for the weekend.  We’re expecting 10 or more families will be needing the program this fall.

 Foods we need include –


Dry/Powdered soups

Canned pastas/mac & cheese, chili, ravioli, spaghetti o’s or dry pasta and sauce


Fruits/Vegetable (cans or individual serving cups)

Granola Bars

*Peanut butter and Jelly

Juice Boxes

Snack pack raisins or nuts

*Large sizes may be cheaper, but smaller sizes fit better in the sacks


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